Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's official!!!

So, as I had said in an earlier post, Nick and I were trying to trade in two cars for a new one. We were trying to trade in his 2000 Ford F150 and his 2003 Hyundai Tiburon. They both kept breaking down and we wanted something that had good gas mileage and that we wouldnt have to keep spending money to fix up. So we decided on a 2007 Nissan 350Z (that's orange haha). We have had SO many issues trying to get it. We tried with just my credit (that's too limited), my credit with Nicks (which isnt so great at the moment), and my credit with Nick's grandma's (who also apparently doesnt have much credit).

They ended up calling us telling us to bring it back and we'll get some other car. Nick was REALLY bummed out cuz he wanted to at least race the car once. So on the way to the dealership he burned out the tires REALLY well (haha we had to air out the car the whole way there) and he took off his racing sticker when we got there. They originally told us (after waiting a half hour) that they might just need to change the number of months that we lease it for. So we get all excited. And bummed that Nick took the sticker off. He only had one. Then they come back and say that if we DONT trade in the cars, they can get me financed for the 350Z without anyone else's credit with it.

... yeah. Since we can afford 3 car payments *rolls eyes*. They have all of our info, they should know we couldnt afford that.

So they tell us the only way they can get us financed is for a much cheaper car. So Nick and I go look.

And look...

And keep looking...

It's dark and like two hours later and we're like "what the heck, what's taking them so long" so we go back and find our guy and he's like "I have a couple things to run past you" and i'm like "uh oh. I dont like that." So we sit down and brace ourselves.

He said "We've had the car over 60 days and we dont want it back..." so basically, we get the car for $4000 less that what we originally leased it for, a better interest rate, same term, and we save $120 a month on payments. Plus insurance will now be $70 cheaper a month.

We thought we had an amazing deal in the first place. We basically got all the money we owed on the trade ins (minus $1000) and we get an 07 350Z with only 8000 miles on it (and is worth $26000) for $18000.

Can anyone say AWESOME?!?!?!

Nick doesnt have another racing sticker for the club he races in, so that's a bummer, but it's official that we have the car :) So pictures to come!!!! It's a sexy little car.

We're so stoked.

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  1. Sounds like one of those blessings in disguise things! Congrats!