Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good and bad news in two words

We're moving.

Or is that 3 words? We're= we are = 2 words? But it's one word... oh well.

We're moving into a 2 bed, 2 bath place between Lindsay and Val Vista on University. It's a little too far into Mesa for our taste and a little too far from a freeway for Nick to be happy, and we're moving into it with my friend and her boyfriend and their two dogs.

... yeah.

So the GOOD part about it is we're saving a LOT of money a month and we can get out of the lease in 6 months if we need to and in a year we SHOULD be able to pay off every credit card but one if we stay there.

It's a means I wish we didnt have to take, but we cant afford our cute little place right now until I'm out of school. So hopefully no friendships are ruined, no marriages are strained, no financial situations are worse... but the next year will definately put all of those to the test.

We'll be moving Feb 6th. Wish us luck!!! And if anyone has extra moving boxes, I'd love you forever if we could use them!!!


  1. Good luck, guys! Great opening pic! Good to see you Aubry . . . won't be in speed this semester, so let's keep in touch!