Friday, December 19, 2008


So my work Christmas party was yesterday (more about that later, hopefully with video haha) and I wasn't able to go to my last class of Medical Terminology to take my final. I had talked to my teacher ahead of time and she was going to let me take it early. Well, after I took it, the testing center "couldn't find it" and "had no record" of me showing up to take it.

*shakes fist at student interns*

She wanted to believe me but there was no proof of me being there. So the only thing I could do was actually show up for class and take it. The final is a full letter grade, and I have an A for the semester. A B isn't bad, but knowing that I could have an A is better.

So, having carpooled to the Christmas party, I begged my ride to drive me to school halfway through the party. She had to study for class anyway so she agreed.

I show up to class feeling ready... I had taken this test once before. 30 multiple choice, and 20 definitions, like the teacher had told us coming up to it. Well she shows up and passes out a packet. I look down....

there was a thick "thud" when she dropped it in front of us all. This was a different test. 80 multiple choice questions and only 10-15 definitions. I've gotten all 100% minus two 97% quizzes this semester in this class... but I definately got less than that on this final. Seeing a different test than what I was expecting -- than anyone in the class was expecting -- threw my groove off. I couldn't remember words that I knew I knew.

I look at the first question. The VERY FIRST QUESTION on the test. *sigh* this is so embarrassing.

1. "Spondylarthritis" means (I'm thinking here, I know "-itis" is inflammation of, and "arthr/o" is joint... the multiple choice can give me clues to the first word... I know it... can't think of it right now) inflammation of (crap there goes one) the joints in (uh-oh...) what?

a. fingers
b. vertabrae
c. kneecap
d. toes

... I circle toes first... cuz I know the bones in the fingers are carpels... didnt know the rest... and then I'm thinking 'that can't be it... this is the freaking first one on the test too... first one she'll see... this sets the record for the rest of the test... ugh' So I cross it out and circle vertabrae. Pulled it out of thin air. I had no idea. Some of the other questions on the test I just completely guessed at.

Well, I come home and tell my mom how horrible I feel about this test... I tell her this first question. She's like "well spond sounds like spine" and it smacks me in the head. DUH!!! That's how I remembered it in the other quizzes!!! Ugh. Simple things that I forget because I just wasnt ready for the book that was put infront of me and I freaked myself out.

BUT IT'S OVER!!!! FINALLY!!!! WOOHOO!!!! *happy dance*

The semester is OVER!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who can pass up a photo op?

So Shenan came over tonight to eat one of my cookies and then steal my camera for her trip to Utah this weekend. She's busy with her roomates tonight decorating the house and I guess she had some time before they got home so she stayed with Nick and I to gossip and to take advantage of having my camera. Shenan LOVES to take pictures, so we decided to have a photo op.

Here's what transpired:

No one ever said they would be pretty pictures :)

This is us trying not to smile...

Aw, cute

Shenan's giraffe neck...

Slightly evil face on my part

The one actual picture we took

Lol Shenan struggles

Haha, Shenan...

What? Don't mess...

My squirrel teeth... and shenan must have just farted...

Look! Tongues!

So, there you go. That was us being bored and taking pictures together :) We are oh, so photogenic :)

Cookie cutter disaster

So my mom bought me Christmas cookie cutters to use, and I figured since I promised my brother-in-law that I would make him cookies (in exchange for the lasagna the family made last weekend) that I would try out the cookie cutters. There's a snowman, a gingerbread lady, gingerbread man, a candy cane, a stocking, and a Christmas tree. I guess they were meant for sugar cookies... and I made chocolate/butterscotch chip cookies. I would fill in the cookie cutters with the dough and lift them up to leave the print of the cutter. It looked all pretty, so I figured when it cooked it would look great.


... definately did not look so pretty coming out of the oven. The left is the snowman, next is the gingerbread lady upside down, then the candy cane, then the stocking upside down, then the christmas tree... and i gave up and made regular circle cookies after that. Much faster to make.

So I was disappointed. I wanted cute cookies. Instead I got weird shaped blobs that have chocolate and butterscotch chips in them. Ah well. Good thing my brother-in-law likes my cookies anyway.

Shenan's Blog

So, my sister got a blog because she thought mine was so pretty :) *awww*

So go add her if you're interested!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is almost here!!! ACK!

So, opposite of usual tradition... I have nothing set up for Christmas yet. I have something like 15 days left until Christmas. I still have to buy presents, send out gifts, set up my Christmas tree, put out the wreath and table centerpieces, make fudge and caramel popcorn, make Nick a stocking for my parent's house, make Nick and I a stocking for our house.... *sigh* so much to do!!!

Luckily I know WHAT I'm going to buy for everyone, I just need the money (yay for a Christmas bonus from work next week!) and time to go get it.

The Christmas tree was supposed to go up the Friday after Thanksgiving. We've meant to do it every weekend after that and it's still in the storage closet outside. OH! And Nick and I are supposed to get an ornament for our first Christmas together (married, that is).

We made caramel popcorn a couple of days ago... and we ate it all, haha. So much for gifts. Just means I got to make more :)

I started the stocking for Nick for my parent's house... I didn't realize how much work those things are! I have everything cut out, I just need to add the sequence and beads and then sew it all together. And the stockings for our little place are like twice as big as the ones at my parents house. I bought stockings that were already sewn together for our house to save time and effort so all I had to do was decorate it... the decorating is what takes so long! Hopefully I have it done in time for Christmas!

I'm stressing out. Our place looks not ready at all for Christmas. I just have the cookie train and Nick's dragster set out, and a Christmas puzzle that we're putting together.

I'll definately be busy these next couple of weeks!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Nick survey

I found this on a friend's blog, I figure it'll be a good challenge for me, and since he's so quiet and doesn't share much about himself to others (he's REALLY shy... I dont even have many pictures of him) I'll let you guys in.

1. Where did you meet your husband? At Applebees when I was with my boyfriend (his best friend) and he was engaged to his last girlfriend (haha... my life is a soap opera)... we kind of hit it off immediately.

2. How long did you date? we dated almost 4 months before we got engaged, knew each other over a year before we got engaged though.

3. How long have you been married? 4 and a half months (almost)

4. What does he do that surprises you? makes up random songs and sings them to me

5. What is your favorite feature of his? his eyes, they're gorgeous. his smile, it's so true. his arms, they're SO strong (yay for the army). his heart, so pure.

6. What is his best quality? he's so incredibly selfless

7. Does he have a nick name for you? schnookie

8. What is his favorite food? anything I make for him, haha. jk. his grandmother's homemade meatballs, and homemade italian lasagna

9. What is his favorite sport? car racing

10. When and where was your first kiss? Dec 3, 2007... we kissed before our first date *gasp*. yeah, I know. It was at my ex-boyfriend's house.

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? watch movies and cuddle on the couch

12. Do you have children? Nope, and wont for a couple of years

13. Does he have hidden talents? He is HILARIOUS. He is just so funny, and so few people get to see that side of him.

14. How old is he? 27

15. Who said I love you first? He made me do it. He would have but heard from my ex-boyfriend that I thought we were going way too fast. He knew I wanted to say it but was scared to so he kinda coaxed it out of me, and wouldnt say it until I did. But we both knew it long before we said it.

16. His favorite music? hard rock/heavy metal (yuck) but he doesnt mind most of my music

17. What to you admire most about him? He is SO patient with me, always knows how to calm me down, how to make me smile, how to talk about what's bothering me, he forgives easily, he's extremely hardworking, he's very loyal, he always showers me with kisses and hugs and loves... i love him :)

18. What is his favorite color? purple

19. Will he read this? probably not.

20. Who do you tag? Since I didn't really get tagged, whoever wants to do it!!!

Welcome to us -- I mean me... but us

Hello :)

I'm Aubrey, 23, and my wonderful hubby is Nick, 27. We've been married just over 4 months now, and love every bit of it. We met through my ex-boyfriend, a good friend to both of us. We started dating on Dec. 3, 2007, got engaged March 22, 2008, married on July 26, 2008.

Piano is my life. It's how I express myself and am able to release emotions. I used to major in piano performance, and someday, once I graduate in court stenography, I'll go back and finish that degree. It means so much to me. I love to read, accompany (on the piano of course), do puzzles, play games, make crafts, paint, sketch, record arrangements, write letters, play poker (I guess that's a game haha), and spoil my hubby.

Nick is kind of a geek :) He loves computer games, rc cars and helicopters, puzzles, fixing cars, racing cars (SCCA racing), flying, making model airplanes helicopters and cars, play poker, play the wii and xbox 360, and me (haha). He was in the army for 4 years, including a tour in Iraq. Luckily, he saw no real action. He would repair helicopters and tanks, mainly welding. He went to school to fly helicopters and has 33 flight hours currently. He's now going to school taking some automotive classes until I graduate from school so we can afford flight school again. He is working building turbine engines, managing the hydroform center. He works hard, 50-60 hrs a week, so we don't have much time together, but enjoy every minute we get.

I have another online journal but decided to start a blog for my hubby and me. I told Nick about it today and he rolled his eyes and said have fun. So... it'll be more me than him... more me than us... I guess.

I look forward to finding more people on here, and letting people into our life.

So, welcome to us :)