Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who can pass up a photo op?

So Shenan came over tonight to eat one of my cookies and then steal my camera for her trip to Utah this weekend. She's busy with her roomates tonight decorating the house and I guess she had some time before they got home so she stayed with Nick and I to gossip and to take advantage of having my camera. Shenan LOVES to take pictures, so we decided to have a photo op.

Here's what transpired:

No one ever said they would be pretty pictures :)

This is us trying not to smile...

Aw, cute

Shenan's giraffe neck...

Slightly evil face on my part

The one actual picture we took

Lol Shenan struggles

Haha, Shenan...

What? Don't mess...

My squirrel teeth... and shenan must have just farted...

Look! Tongues!

So, there you go. That was us being bored and taking pictures together :) We are oh, so photogenic :)

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