Monday, December 8, 2008

Welcome to us -- I mean me... but us

Hello :)

I'm Aubrey, 23, and my wonderful hubby is Nick, 27. We've been married just over 4 months now, and love every bit of it. We met through my ex-boyfriend, a good friend to both of us. We started dating on Dec. 3, 2007, got engaged March 22, 2008, married on July 26, 2008.

Piano is my life. It's how I express myself and am able to release emotions. I used to major in piano performance, and someday, once I graduate in court stenography, I'll go back and finish that degree. It means so much to me. I love to read, accompany (on the piano of course), do puzzles, play games, make crafts, paint, sketch, record arrangements, write letters, play poker (I guess that's a game haha), and spoil my hubby.

Nick is kind of a geek :) He loves computer games, rc cars and helicopters, puzzles, fixing cars, racing cars (SCCA racing), flying, making model airplanes helicopters and cars, play poker, play the wii and xbox 360, and me (haha). He was in the army for 4 years, including a tour in Iraq. Luckily, he saw no real action. He would repair helicopters and tanks, mainly welding. He went to school to fly helicopters and has 33 flight hours currently. He's now going to school taking some automotive classes until I graduate from school so we can afford flight school again. He is working building turbine engines, managing the hydroform center. He works hard, 50-60 hrs a week, so we don't have much time together, but enjoy every minute we get.

I have another online journal but decided to start a blog for my hubby and me. I told Nick about it today and he rolled his eyes and said have fun. So... it'll be more me than him... more me than us... I guess.

I look forward to finding more people on here, and letting people into our life.

So, welcome to us :)


  1. yay I'm excited you decided to start blogging! We're excited to keep up with you on here!

  2. Well Welcome to the Blogging World!! Watch out is addictive!! I love all of your pictures. You look so beautiful.