Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas is almost here!!! ACK!

So, opposite of usual tradition... I have nothing set up for Christmas yet. I have something like 15 days left until Christmas. I still have to buy presents, send out gifts, set up my Christmas tree, put out the wreath and table centerpieces, make fudge and caramel popcorn, make Nick a stocking for my parent's house, make Nick and I a stocking for our house.... *sigh* so much to do!!!

Luckily I know WHAT I'm going to buy for everyone, I just need the money (yay for a Christmas bonus from work next week!) and time to go get it.

The Christmas tree was supposed to go up the Friday after Thanksgiving. We've meant to do it every weekend after that and it's still in the storage closet outside. OH! And Nick and I are supposed to get an ornament for our first Christmas together (married, that is).

We made caramel popcorn a couple of days ago... and we ate it all, haha. So much for gifts. Just means I got to make more :)

I started the stocking for Nick for my parent's house... I didn't realize how much work those things are! I have everything cut out, I just need to add the sequence and beads and then sew it all together. And the stockings for our little place are like twice as big as the ones at my parents house. I bought stockings that were already sewn together for our house to save time and effort so all I had to do was decorate it... the decorating is what takes so long! Hopefully I have it done in time for Christmas!

I'm stressing out. Our place looks not ready at all for Christmas. I just have the cookie train and Nick's dragster set out, and a Christmas puzzle that we're putting together.

I'll definately be busy these next couple of weeks!!!


  1. i didn't get to see the dragster... very impressive! and look at you bein' all domestic! also impressive!

  2. Call me if you need some help! I'll decorate with you!

  3. what is your recipe for fudge? I tried making some the other day and it didn't turn out :(