Monday, January 5, 2009

I just needed to get this out

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I've posted, and a LOT has happened... I didn't take pictures so I've just kind of put off writing about it. I'll put a quick summary though to catch you up. Each one of these WOULD have been it's own entry with details and such haha, but here it is in short version:

~ Christmas was amazing - Christmas Eve was spent in Show Low, drove up with Shenan and Nick in his truck (yay for 4-wheel drive in snow!), got lots of amazing stuff from my family. Christmas Nick and I went to his brothers house where his whole family was and we exchanged gifts and ate food and played guitar hero until after midnight.
~ All we've done for vacation is play the games we got for Christmas and watch movies we got for Christmas... pajamas are our daily outfits unless we go out
~ I'm out of work looking for a job and can't find one that works with my work schedule so I'm considering dropping out of the speed for this semester, work full-time and take night classes for sign-language until I can find a job that will let me do school in the mornings and I work afternoons. You wouldn't think it'd be that hard. Stupid economy *shakes fist*
~ Nick and I hosted a New Years Eve party where a lot of people showed up that I wasn't expecting. It was a nice surprise. Things got a little crazy later in the night though... I guess that's what happens when there is alcohol consumed though. *shrug* it's new years, what do you expect haha. People finally left around 2:30am.
~ New Years Day we went to a party at a friends house an hour away and played games until after midnight
~ On Dec 29th Nick and I traded in his truck and car for a 2007 350Z that's orange (I know, it's kinda crazy) and things were all good and fine until this last weekend when financing called me saying that my credit is amazing but limited because I havent had a loan like this taken out before and my income is too not-stable (*shakes fist at economy*) and Nick's credit has too many hiccups but good income and they could finance us if we had a joint credit but we dont (we just got married of course we dont) so they want someone ELSE on our loan for the car. There's no reason we shouldn't get financed it's just been a huge headache. We were at the dealer until after 1am just to get the car and now they're saying they might have to take it back because they assumed we'd get financed. They assumed correct, the banks are stupid. We make enough to make this, it's not much more than what we were paying for the other cars... it's my stupid LIMITED credit that wont let us get it. Ugh. Now we have to beg someone to be on our loan with us but no one in my family can do it, so I'm PRAYING Nick's grandma will sign for us. She's done it before so hopefully it'll work this time. I just dont want to have gone through all this to give back a car.
~ Looking at moving out with some couple friends into a house to make rent cheaper.

So that's that. Now on to what I needed to get at.

You're amazing, and you don't deserve anything that's happening to you right now. But I love you, forever and always, no matter what. And someone else will too, a boy that won't care about any of this crap. That I will promise you. You are such an insanely amazing person. Pick yourself up and start over again. It's not the end of the world :) You have so much talent, it makes me envious. You have so much goin for you. I feel so stuck where I'm at. You have dreams and plans and the ambition to get there. Go for it doll.
I love you babe.

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