Monday, January 19, 2009


So at work Saturday I was telling some of my friends/coworkers about some of the things going on in my life, and shared some stories of back when I was in my early teens (we were working a Bat Mitzfah (i dunno how to spell it) for a ton of 13-year-olds) and they though I had some CRAZY stories.

Some of them being how I was in two "gangs" in middle school and high school in Maryland so that way I could walk home safe without getting beat up for money for them to get alcohol or drugs (*yay for Maryland*)

One about how I'm being a bridesmaid for a wedding next year... for my ex-boyfriend and his new girl. My ex being my husband's best friend... and I'm in the wedding party and my husband isnt -- as payback for my ex not being the best man in our wedding but being a groomsman (while Nick's brother was the best man) and I'm just a bridesmaid but have to pay for travel (being a destination wedding in a ship off of the California coast during sunset) and renting my dress (which is really a period costume since it's a Pirate theme and the bride is a costume designer so she'll be picking authentic fabric and such so it'll be more expensive) and maybe the wig I'll have to wear as well as jewelry and shoes and all that... which is like normal I guess for a bridesmaid. I was actually excited to JUST be a bridesmaid instead of maid of honor or the bride... too much planning. I just want to sit back and enjoy... but the maid of honor has never been a bridesmaid before so she has no idea what to plan or how... so I have to help her... and somehow find a male AND female stripper because the mom of the bride is lesbian and so is the maid of honor... it just all keeps getting better.

One about how my friend died in 6th grade out of the blue from his leukemia...

How I used to get beat up in middle school because of my frizzies in my hair...

Anyway. I was telling my coworkers all these stories as they shared as well, and one of the bartenders just laughed and said "man, you DO have a lot of good stories. You should write a book"


I had thought about it before. My life is like a reality TV show gone crazy. Some of the stuff that happens you can't even think up. It's a major soap opera. So I've started a couple of journals with the idea of actually turning it INTO a book. But I spend so much time trying to write all of the back story that I never write what is actually happening.

Anyway, I thought it would was interesting that someone said I should write a book. I'd like to, though some of it I dont know that I'd want to share. It's all good stories though.

Aubrey Burke -- author

eh... we'll see.


  1. Do it! That would be awesome!

    I sat for HOURS yesterday, cutting coupons. I hadn't done it for so long, but now I'm getting back up on the band wagon. I won't be here next Sunday, but after that...we could totally do Coupon Sunday.

    I've got my list and I'm heading to the store today. I hope I kick some butt!

  2. for some reason I can't comment on your latest post.
    Good for you for getting healthy. I've got that same deal with the pants, jumping up and down to get them on, using pliers to pull up the zipper, and then having a not so cute muffin top going on.
    What surgery did you get?
    Have you looking into federal financial aide for school? or are you trying to go debt free?
    Good luck with your squeezes!