Monday, February 16, 2009

THAT'S where that went!!!

So its been a week since we've moved into our new little apartment with my friends. It's crazy finding all the stuff you have when you have to pack. It's like Christmas :) But then there's all the stuff you don't really want but cant get rid of, or dont know what box to put it in... so then you end up with a ton of miscellaneous boxes... I'm glad we are renting out a second garage at our apartments for storage. It's beyond packed. We cancelled the other storage unit and moved everything into the garage, and slowly been bringing up boxes (or stuff from boxes) and it's all one big mess (pictures to come in a later post... when I can find my camera haha).

But the move was good. There were like 6 guys that showed up from my ward COMPLETELY unexpectedly (last I heard no one could make it) so we had a lot of help packing the truck. I still had to pack like half of the apartment so I was busy throwing stuff together for them to take with them. We also had Nick's little brother and cousin (who I swear is the strongest kid I have ever seen) who we relied on a lot the entire weekend. We had to move a LOT of stuff. We actually rented the truck a day longer because we had so much stuff to move. It took three trips with a full 17' truck to get everything moved over.

The apartment is small, but bigger than we thought it would be. Which is always a nice surprise. Nick and I have the small room (we gave them the master because they were willing to pay more and anywhere we can save money at the moment is a good thing) but we are able to fit his dresser, a small desk (that fits his computer, the wii, and a printer), and a bookcase full of dvds and games, then the bed and two side tables. We are still arranging furniture and stuff and we have (I think) all of the essentials. I had to go into the garage yesterday for some hand soap and body wash for the shower (I ran out last week) and my sugar and flour so I could make pumpkin pie.

Somehow the guys got the huge tv up into our living room. And we can amazingly fit my piano in there too, I just now have to find wherever I put the power cord... somewhere in the garage... PROBABLY in the back. *sigh* One of these days we're going to reorganize the garage and actually go through and get rid of the half empty and empty boxes so we can actually walk in there. Our roomies have a fish tank in the front room and we're using their couches because mine were just WAAAAY too big. Mom and dad are holding onto those for us, thankfully.

The living situation is great. We all get along. We all usually just stick to ourselves. When Nick and I are home we're usually watching a movie or playing games on the computer, and we always leave the door open to our room if we're available, and they are usually in their room with the door closed playing games or whatever, or they're out in the front room doing stuff. We all have very different schedules but havent had any issues yet. Brian and Nick I think have had maybe two conversations with eachother... it's funny how similar they are. Quiet, and all about cars and games. The same games, just Nick prefers them on the PC and Brian prefers them on the xBox. So theyve been trading games and stuff.

The two dogs have been fun to have around. They both have gotten to like us and dont bark much at us when we walk in anymore. The beagle always runs into our room and jumps up on our bed when we're in there and falls asleep as we play our game. It's so cute. As it's calmed my want for dogs, Nick is dying to get one of our own. It makes him really miss his old puppy he had to get rid of because the living situations wouldnt allow him to keep it. We'll get one one day :)

Anyway, gotta run :) Going to the mall with Jessi to get her ring (she got engaged to Brian on Valentines Day) resized before she goes to work. And since I have no school today, I need SOMETHING to do (heaven forbid I actually do laundry... lol)

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