Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's been a while

It's been a long while since an update, and I've heard from more than a couple of people that I need to fill them in on what's been going on. So I read the last couple of posts... all the way back in February (wow...) and now I'm to fill you in... readers digest version ;)

~ After fighting to find things in the garage for months we reorganized it so now there's a pathway all the way to the back. Thought I found my piano power cord but it's really just the power cord to my stereo. Still can't find the piano cord :(

~Shenan's moving to Utah. I didn't really think it would be that big of a deal but it's hitting a lot harder to home than I thought it would. I'm really gonna miss her. And she's going to be a long drive away. It's hard enough finding time to make the 3 hour trip to Show Low to see the parents...

~I'm needing a job. Found one, but they wanted me to work 3-10:30pm... Nick works 6-2:30pm, we would literally see each other maybe a half hour a day and that's when I wake up with him to make his breakfast and lunch for the day. So I turned that down. Still looking. Need something full time and at least $11/hr. So hard to find though.

~My red car finally took a poop. Nick and I finally got around to fixing the O2 sensor that's been out for like 3 years and he did an oil change and was GOING to do a tune up... and fix my catalitic converter... until he got under the car after changing out the sensor and seeing wet liquid oil all over the entire bottom of my car. Literally everywhere. And when we ran it to see if the O2 sensor turned off my engine light, suddenly there were 7 oil leaks that weren't there before. I was really scared to drive that thing...

Which leads me to my next update...

~I got a new car. Well, not a new car, a used car. An 07 Nissan Altima, dark blue ;) Was really hard to find though. And since buying Nick's car, my credit score has gone down about 50 points I think all due to how many people put hits on my credit when we were getting Nick's car. Then it all happened again getting this car (you would think we would do it differently this time... haha... yeah.. nope) and it was so hard getting financed. But we did it. And I love the car. And Nick loves the car. So we're happy.

~Mom got a couple of surgeries lately. Got stuff taken out of her elbow from the accident a year ago, got extra skin removed from all the weight loss, and got reconstructive surgery from her cancer 6 years ago. I'm so happy for her, that she's able to do this and put everything, all of that bad stuff, behind her and move on with a new body. Lots of scars... but they're just reminders of where she's been.

~Friends are pregnant... that's fun.

~In a wedding for my ex-boyfriend James. I'm sure I've posted about that before though... I think. But we're making all of the costumes, and us ladies are halfway through getting our corsets done. This is the most involved wedding I've ever seen or heard of. I dont sew so I'm relying a lot on the bride to do it for me. In trade I'm doing most of the decorations and invites and such. Which will be fun. I hope ;)

~Dishwasher broke. Has been broken for two weeks and the apartment people came out, fixed it, said it wont happen again... and it happened the next day. Then wouldnt come out again for two weeks because they thought they fixed it. *sigh* Well we're getting a new one in a day or two. Finally. We told them that the first time.

~We thought Nick had tonsilitis for the last month. It's really been kicking his butt. Doc gave him meds and one refill... we've been through the meds AND the refill and it's not getting much better. So now we're doing tests to see if he has mono. I just wonder why I havent gotten it yet.

~Nick and I are looking into options into fixing his back. The army REALLY messed it up. He's 3 inches shorter than when he signed up for the army. They took xrays and told him he had scoliosis and sent him on his way. Well he's always hurting and it gets so bad that he has to lay down cuz it hurts so bad but then even when he lays down, there may be only one position he can lay in where it doesnt hurt. So he's going to a specialist and doing xrays and stuff... we're hoping he can get surgery to fix it. It would be free through the army but Nick is so tired of army doctors, he says they dont do anything and are really bad... so we're trying to do it through insurance. If everything goes well, it's a 10% copay... but 10% could still mean a couple of thousand bones that we can't pull out of our pockets at the moment... so we'll see where that goes.

~My aunt is in surgery today in Mexico to get something similar to what my parents and I got two and a half years ago (wow that long already?). I wish her the best. I think it will be really good for her, I just hope there aren't many complications and I hope she can adapt as well as the rest of her family in supporting her and her new lifestyle she is undertaking. I'm thinking about bringing her to some of the support groups that I go to for my surgery. It's a lot like the same thing as mine just... different. So I think it will help.

~Living situation is difficult. More difficult than I thought it would be. We still hardly see eachother but when we do it seems to always be nagging about one thing or the other. And the dogs keep going to the bathroom in the house. Or being sick. *sigh*

~Parents had their 25th wedding anniversary :) Shenan Nick and I all pulled together some money and got my parents a gift certificate to the restaurant my dad took my mom to the day he proposed, Beni Hanna :) They are so cute I love them.

~Mine and mom's birthdays are coming up soon. Mom is gonna turn 50. She doesnt seem it. I guess that's good. I'm turning 24... I have thought I was 24 for a while now lol I keep thinking i'm turning 25 or 26... Nick says I act that old and laughs when I forget I'm only 23. I'm too young to forget how old I am haha.

~Had a change of heart as to what I'm doing in school. Dropped the court stenography thing. Did that to keep my fingers fast and to afford doing piano more full time. Never really WANTED to do it, it was a means to do piano. So I had no motivation and never practiced... wasted 5 years doing that. I've been in school for 6 years now... and still no degree. And I have friends with masters already. I could have a masters in piano performance by now. Am I kicking myself? Yes. But through all of this I finally figured out what it is that I enjoy doing and really want to do. I had a friend in MD who was mentally handicapped and couldnt communicate or control most of her muscles in her body. Right before my family moved to AZ they were going to teach her sign language. Well I always swore I would learn it so I could talk to her someday. Which is why I took ASL at MCC. So I'm going back to school and getting my interpreting licence, and then go to ASU, maybe work for them as well as an interpreter, and get a bachelors in speech and hearing science, then getting a masters in speech and language pathology and work as a speech therapist to help mentally handicapped kids who can't communicate, and their parents, how to sign. It really means a lot to me and I think I would be really happy doing this. In memory of my really good friend, my best friend ever, in Maryland.

~Nick and I found something that we like doing together besides cuddling and watching movies and going on drives and such. He loves computer games and video games, but hates playing them if I can't play with him. So we found one we both can play and enjoy :) I'm going to sound like a huge nerd.. but I really enjoy playing WoW (World of Warcraft). I'm addicted. We play it together and really have fun. I'm glad there's finally something that we can do together that we both really enjoy.

~Nick is planning something big for my birthday. I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I'm not allowed to look at the bank accounts until after my birthday, and I'm not allowed to plan anything at all the weekend of my birthday. He says it's all his planning. I love knowing that he's planning something and thinking about it... I kind of know how much he's planning on spending and I have no idea what he could possibly be doing that would use that kind of money unless it's a trip? But I'm pretty sure we're not going on a trip. So I dont know. But I'm excited. I'm just glad he's thinking of it and doing something for me without me reminding him my birthday is coming up :)

Well, I'm sure there's more updates but I gotta run :)



  1. I'm glad you updated. My sister Rachael is going to get her Masters in Speech Language Therapy or something like that, starting this Fall. She can be a great resource for you in your education journey

  2. I miss you Aubrey! Thats quite the update. I hope Nick is feeling better :) I know you're looking for a job and it's so hard right now to find one, but if you get really desparate Jon might be able to give you a job at Hollywood video, it doesn't pay as much, but it's just a suggestion. He is the manager there so there is a good possibility you could get it if you wanted :).

  3. Wow! It sounds like you guys have been busy!! Good luck with the school thing. That sounds like a really rewarding path. I hope you have a great birthday!!

  4. You're a busy girl Aubs! The wedding sounds awesome! Be sure to put pics up!!

    I'm doing better today. I'm gonna make a pumpkin pie protein shake for dinner. Looking forward to it!

    Crap...I smell popcorn....who in the crap popped popcorn???? RUDE! lol

  5. He Aub, it is great to hear what you guys are up to.
    I am glad you have decided what you want to do. My girls have been in ASL in High School and love it.
    (this is Aunt Linda by the way)